Tech Talk


TechTalk is a monthly livestream series that takes viewers on a discovery of novel approaches Harris County agencies take to inform, educate, and communicate current technology changes and needs in Harris County. From weather mapping and the ability to adapt to a disaster in real time to employee self-service technology and community air monitoring technology for pollution control, TechTalk broadcasts these important topics county-wide. The show is recorded and broadcast from the TechTalk studio located in 406 Caroline. Created and hosted by retired Maj. Gen. Richard Noriega, executive director for Universal Services, the show creates a unique platform for county agencies to give voice to their long-term goals and vision for the future of Harris County.

TechTalk with Sindhu Menon

April 28 2022

Sindhu Menon is the Chief Information Officer for Harris County Universal Services. She joined the department in March 2022 and in her interview shares her vision for her first 100 days as CIO. Click here to view responses to unanswered questions.

TechTalk with Dr. Milton Rahman

March 31 2022

Harris County Engineer and Executive Director Dr. MiltonRahman talks about his new role as county engineer and shares his vision forthe future of the Harris County Engineering Department.

TechTalk with David Berry

August 13 2021

Harris County Administrator David Berry talks about his rolein the new Office of County Administration and his vision and goals for managingthe third most-populous county in the United States.

TechTalk with Dr. Latrice Babin

July 16 2021

Director of HarrisCounty Pollution Control Services Dr. Latrice Babin shares ways to combatrising ozone levels in the summer months and discusses the technology the department embraces to monitor and reduce pollution.

TechTalk with Guest Jeff Lindner

May 14 2021

Director of Hydrologic Operations JeffLindner discusses his role in supporting outreach and education as it relates to emergencymanagement for the Harris County Flood Control District.

TechTalk with Mark Sloan

March 26 2021

Harris County's Homeland Security & Emergency Management Coordinator Mark Sloan talks about measures taken to address severe weather events and prepares viewers for the hurricane season.

TechTalk with Robin Vincent

January 15 2021

Harris County's Director of Benefits Robin Vincent appeared on TechTalk to tell county employees of all the benefits offered and explain open enrollment on the new STARS self-service system.