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Sindhu Menon

Executive Director / Chief Information Officer

James Henderson

Chief of Staff


Lucy Ortega

Chief HR Officer


Girish Ramachandran

Chief Technology Officer

Barbie Borak

Deputy Director of Fleet Operations

Court Wellington

Director, Application Development Services

Jesus "Manny" Garcia

Interim Director of Fleet Operations

Jeremy Brown

Sr. Manager, Legislation & Records

Rina Fava

Director of Customer Service


Belinda Fernandez

Deputy Director of Service Management & Strategy

William "Greg" Jurrens

Director of Public Safety Technology

Lee Morgan

Director of IT Infrastructure


Robin Patterson

Director of Budget

Ravi Ranjan

Director of Business Enterprise Applications

Mike Smith

Deputy Director of IT Infrastructure

Karen Vasquez

Director of Business Operations

Kathy Young

Director of Service Management & Strategy

Sheronda Drew

Director of Office of Data & Analytics