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Sharepoint - Web Content Management


The website is the status reporting hub for a department's use during an emergency and severe weather events. The purposes of the Alerting website are:

  1. Employees communicate their current status during an event
  2. Employees check on the availability and status of Harris County facilities during an event
  3. Executive management posts critical information during an event

Visual Studio - Web Content Management


A mass notification system, enabling you to reach employees quickly during emergencies and critical incidents via telephone, text message and email.

The software automates the key steps for responding to a critical event. It aggregates threat from third-party and internal sources so customers can assess risk, locate people and assets at risk and identify those needed to respond. It then enables customers to act by executing pre-defined processes based on the type of threat for who should be contacted and how, what message to send, and whom to escalate it to if a responder is not available.