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Fuel Services Q&A

Fuel Services

Q: Where can I purchase fuel for my county vehicle?
A: Drivers may obtain fuel from county-owned and maintained stations or commercial contract stations. Commercial fuel stations are part of the Fuel Man network owned by Fleetcor Technologies.

Q: How do I pay for fuel? 
A: Fuel may be purchased at commercial or county-owned fuel stations, using your county fuel card.  First, insert the card into the reader and remove it quickly.  Enter your odometer reading, followed by your PIN.  You may purchase regular or diesel gasoline only.

Q: How do I get a credit card and PIN?
A: For security reasons, your department liaison will assist you.

Q: How do I replace a credit card?
A: If a gasoline credit card must be replaced (card lost, stolen, damaged, or the electronic stripe no longer works), the driver should contact their department liaison.

Q: How do I purchase fuel from a County Site?
A: To obtain fuel at a county-owned station, the driver must have a county-issued credit card, a county-issued PIN, the three-digit organization number (Example: Sheriff = 540), and current odometer reading. Upon information acceptance by the reader, the driver may begin to pump gasoline into the vehicle. When the pump shuts off, the driver should return the nozzle to the pump. It is unsafe for the driver and could cause damage to the station/vehicle and injury to the driver if you top off the gas tank.

Q: How do I purchase fuel from a Commercial Contract Site?
A: To obtain fuel at a commercial contract pump, the driver must have a county-issued credit card and a county-issued PIN.  Some contract stations have attendants who facilitate the gas purchase.  The driver must bring the purchase receipt to their department liaison.