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business-analytics2.svgBusiness Analytics

Harris County Universal Services can provide Business Analytics & Reporting (BAR) to Harris County departments and agencies. BAR services turn data into information, information into knowledge and knowledge into plans. The turn-key BAR platform provides the ability to rapidly develop and implement analytics and reports so leaders can focus on key business drivers, make informed decisions and improve processes and operations. 


Custom Applications

HCUS will plan, design and develop a BAR application to meet the needs of the department. 

Analytics & Reporting Tools

HCUS can teach users to use the advanced BAR tools that help create strong, targeted and insightful reports. 

Performance Indicators

HCUS can teach users to how to capture the data using performance management indicators to drive improvement.


County-wide Platform

All county departments have access to BAR applications and can create analytic reports. 

Sophisticated Tools

The sophisticated tools help departments view, organize and analyze data that give insight into operations, services and performance.

Improve Decision Making

Departments can make more informed decisions based on data analysis to make employee efficiency and customer satisfaction and make necessary changes.