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collaboration-sites2.svgCollaboration Sites

Harris County Universal Services can assist with planning, developing and customizing SharePoint intranet portals to broaden access to organizational knowledge and manage and update content efficiently and effectively. Users can also access document and file management tools that allow communities to share and revise content, search for information and facilitate project collaboration.


Requirements Definitions

HCUS develops plans and architecture to organize information and documents in a central intranet portal. It also provides the necessary support.  

Web Applications

HCUS can recommend and install web applications that help businesses work smarter into an integrated intranet platform. 

Dashboard & Report Creation

HCUS can set up dashboards and reports to provide business intelligence data that leads to better decision-making. 


Share Knowledge

An intranet portal makes it easy for teams and individuals to contribute content and quickly share it. 

Work More Efficiently

People can quickly share, find and reuse information from the folders and dashboard system, which improves productivity.

Automatic Notifications

A unified portal not only gives staff the ability to access documents and content, it notifies users when they are updated.