Service Detail


document-content-mgmt-2.svgDocument & Content Management

Harris County Universal Services assists Harris County departments with the evaluation, development and deployment of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems for on-premise or cloud-based management of documents and contents.


Records Management

HCUS offers customers security and version control of their digital records and assist with library procedures, legal regulatory and county compliance.

Web Content Management

HCUS can manage documents, text, video, graphics and other content for the intranet and internet websites as well as teach customers how to do it. 

Business Process Management

HCUS supports the business processes of customers by assigning tasks and creating audit trails for document handling and revisions.


Improved Effectiveness

Knowledge repositories based on document or workflow provide staff with accessible data to help make better decisions and improve customer service. 

Regulatory Compliance

Using a full life cycle approach, (creation-archiving-destruction), HCUS can help departments manage their documents and content to meet their legal needs.

Reduced Costs

Using ECM tools, HCUS can consolidate diverse repositories of information and lower the ongoing maintenance costs of legacy content management.