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email-msging-2.svgEmail & Messaging

Harris County Universal Services serves over 800 locations in support of more than 20 Harris County departments with a broad range of services providing a reliable, secure system that supports calendaring and communication capabilities while reducing costs. HCUS also offers centralized secure messaging services that allows communications with other county staff on a secure, centralized system without having to travel to meetings, pick up the phone or trade emails.


Secure Email

HCUS can help customers send and receive secure email messages and attachments with anti-virus and anti-spam features.

Distribution Groups

HCUS can create distribution groups customers frequently communicate with and streamline email management.

Integrated Calendar Tools

HCUS helps customers utilize the tools to schedule meetings, enable auto-reminders and access up-to-date countywide address lists.


Secure Networking

Anti-virus, anti-spam and message encryption services keep data within the secure county-managed infrastructure.

Significant Savings

HCUS offers one of the best priced email systems anywhere with no need to build and support a departmental email system.

Advanced Calendaring

The Microsoft platform provides seamless integration to sophisticated calendar tools from any device (desktop, tablet or phone).