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gis-2.svgGeographic Information Systems

Harris County Universal Services can develop applications for innovative, community-engaged mapping as well as organizational tools on desktop, mobile and/or auto platforms. HCUS can also tap into the Harris County GIS infrastructure and repository to make maps and websites capable of displaying targeted county information and services. 


Integrated Geospatial Tools

HCUS integrates advanced geospatial tools and applications to enable end-users to locate and connect with county services.

Geospatial Data Collection

HCUS configures geospatial tools for data collection and automations to provide departments with key operational metrics.

Custom Mapping Visualization

HCUS customizes dynamic and static maps that visualize data from disparate sources to enhance  decision-making.


Data Visualization

GIS maps can be layered to reveal greater insight than flat maps, such as service trends, customer demographics and communities.

Improve Business Operations

GIS allows departments to improve their operations delivery and make smart decisions based on the advanced data. 

Add Value to Websites

GIS improves the web experience with imagery and tools so customers can connect with department services.