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it-access-ctrl-2.svgIT Access Control

Harris County Universal Services provides access control to ensure new Harris County employees or contractors can access IT services with the appropriate clearance level and adhering to county confidentiality and security standards.


User Accounts

HCUS security specialists work with Human Resources to administer user accounts and passwords, and manage tokens.

Self-help Account Management

HCUS has an automated self-help feature to help customers resolve their password issues or other access issues.

Reports & Audits

HCUS maintains user and access accounts in a centralized location and provides support for reports and audits.


Central Access Management

HCUS centrally manages new access requests and changes to efficiently bring new employee and contract staff on board with appropriate access.

Quickly Change Rights

Departments can give or revoke access with a change request; HCUS will respond quickly to ensure that rights and access are properly granted.

Minimize Unauthorized Users

Centralized management has policies and procedures to minimize the risk of security breaches, sabotage and errors from unauthorized users.