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it-security-2.svgIT System Security

Harris County Universal Services follows county security policy and uses industry best practices to protect vital IT systems and infrastructure from the threat of unauthorized access or sabotage. 


Monitoring & Investigation

HCUS monitors for internal and external security events and escalates those requiring investigation. HCUS applies virus and threat protection policies and procedures to prevent and contain attacks and security breaches.

Awareness & Training

HCUS provides annual cyber-security training to county employees as required by Texas House Bill 3834. HCUS schedules awareness and education events to raise cybersecurity knowledge and instill best practices among county employees.

Security Reports & Audits

HCUS provides reports that identify areas of vulnerability along with mitigation actions to protect data and technology systems. Security specialists also conduct audits and tests for intrusions, vulnerability and security risk exposure.


Mitigate Security Threats

Active monitoring and management of application systems allows HCUS to minimize the threat of intrusion into Harris County IT systems.

Security Experts

Expertise and in-depth knowledge of county security policies, departmental procedures and legal requirements makes HCUS an expert in protecting data.

Protect Against Attacks

With procedures and tools in place, HCUS strongly protects and contains attacks that pose a risk to data and systems.