Service Detail


mobile-radio2.svgMobile Radio

Harris County Universal Services provides mobile radio services that support emergency communications for first responders and public safety workers of Harris County. HCUS manages, operates and upgrades a regional radio network that provides interoperability in over 25 counties. HCUS also installs, repairs and maintains both portable and mobile radio systems.


Vehicle & Portable Radios

HCUS offers state-of-the-art radio services that are completely interoperable with county and government public safety systems.

Radio Systems Solutions

HCUS supplies, installs, maintains and repairs all equipment and upgrades equipment to keep pace with current technology and offer greater efficiency.

Infrastructure Support

HCUS supports the radio networks of the county's Fire Marshal's Office, Sheriff's Office, Emergency Corps and CountyWide Integrated Radio System (CWIRS).



HCUS is dedicated to providing solutions for Harris County departments who rely on critical radio communication systems and are the experts in the area.

Integration & Compatibility

HCUS will ensure the radio system is compatible and fully interoperable with that of the county infrastructure. It also supports a wide range of equipment and accessories.

Save Time & Money

HCUS allows organizations to obtain services as required without the need for time-consuming procurements, supplemental staffing or other contracted technical support services.