Service Detail


site-security-2.svgSite Security

Harris County Universal Services offers surveillance solutions for county buildings to help keep people, property and information safe. The comprehensive services include project management, planning and design, and implementation. HCUS provides an initial facility assessment to identify vulnerabilities and recommend improvements to reduce exposure to loss and liability.


Site Requirements

HCUS provides end-to-end project management and business requirement analysis to prepare site specifications.

Site Preparation

HCUS manages all aspects of security site preparation, from procurement to prepping to installation.

Training & Support

HCUS uses a trusted third-party vendor support to provide training for new or upgraded equipment.


Integrated Security

The enterprise security system is integrated with the county system, reducing outside risks and attempted violations on the premise

Reliable Protection

HCUS has procedures to increase uptime and ensure the safety and security of staff, facility and data.

Minimize Unauthorized Users

Centralized management minimizes the risk of security breaches, sabotage and errors from unauthorized users; it also ensures rights are properly used.