Service Detail



Harris County Universal Services assists Harris County departments with the installation, upgrade and maintenance of desktop and laptop software and applications. HSUS also install desktop patches, perform hard drive encryption and identify software that can threaten data security.


Installation & Support

HCUS installs, modifies and/or removes desktop and laptop software upon request. HCUS also troubleshoots software issues.

Updates & Patches

HCUS can install patches and software upgrades to ensure computers are working to optimum performance.

Compliance Procedures

HCUS scans computers for compliance with county policies and software configurations to keep them functioning and protected from malware.


Centrally Managed

HCUS ensures software meets county-wide standards, maintains correct versions and remains consistent across the department.

Greater Efficiency & Savings

There is no need for in-house IT staff to install or maintain software, keep track of versions or tend to software issues.

Easier Upgrades

Software upgrades and patches can be easily deployed across the department without disrupting operations and redirecting in-house IT staff.