Service Detail



Harris County Universal Services provides Harris County departments with end-to-end delivery of telephony services to customer desktops and telephone networks. HCUS also provides project management of telephone service solutions, coordination and prep of site installation, and training and support. 


Plan, Order & Install

HCUS offers full telephone and voicemail options and planning. This includes site drawings and equipment procurement.

Training, Maintenance & Support

HCUS trains users to so they maximize their available features. It also provides maintenance and on-demand help support.

Online Billing & Directories

HCUS provides customers with online billing details and carrier directory phone listings.


Accessibility Compliance

HCUS provides telephone system solutions that comply with Harris County's security standards and accessibility policies.

On-demand Service

HCUS can respond quickly to county customers who request assistance, and the Help Desk takes calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Cost & Time Savings

The county's infrastructure allows HCUS to quickly deploy telephone systems without the cost and time lost of procurement, supplemental staffing or contracted services.