Service Detail



Harris County Universal Services provides a full range of services for the design, development, testing and maintenance of robust public/internet websites for Harris County departments. Customer departments participate jointly in the development and implementation to assist in knowledge transfer and ongoing site maintenance. HCUS can also develop private websites to streamline department operations and communications, consolidate document management, optimize workflow and maximize resources. Private websites can incorporate various technologies, including Microsoft SharePoint, Document Content Management and other tools to integrate workgroups, documents and content.


Website Planning & Design

HCUS assists with all phases of the process, from the domain and IP address registration to the creation and launch.

Joint Development

Customers partner with HCUS to assist in knowledge transfer and ongoing maintenance.

Advanced Features & Search

HCUS can incorporate many advanced features, including e-commerce, calendars, Google Maps and search engine optimization.


Enabled for Mobile Devices

HCUS builds all websites using responsive technology that allows them to be viewed on mobile devices, phones and tablets without losing features.

Application Integration

HCUS can incorporate sophisticated search engine tools within the site that help staff manage documents and quickly locate content and information.

Accessibility Standards

Each website built by HCUS adheres to county standards for website design, colors, fonts, seal and user-interface requirements. The websites also adhere to federally-mandated accessibility standards.